Samsung GALAXY Note-II -NC Juggernaut.Case™
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This Non-Cabled version of the Note-I -C case/mount is designed for the i-317/N7100 Samsung GALAXY Note-I smartdevice.  This case is identical to the Note-I case but omits the EMI-USB shielded docking
connector and cable/Glenair® connector assembly. In its place is an updated endcap with a sealed port with a captive thumbscrew closure for access to the Micro-USB connector on the smartdevice. This feature eliminates the need to remove the device from the case for charging and/or data transfer using the standard USB-A to Micro-USB cable supplied with your device. This case is popular with Law Enforcement, First Responders,
Commercial/Industrial Users, Hunters, Fisherman, and other users not needing a connection to a tactical radio.

**Please note that all Juggernaut.Cases™ are shipped with an Armor.Mount™ included**

  • Item #: JG.CS.NOTE.02-NC
  • Manufacturer: Juggernaut Defense

Samsung GALAXY Note-II -NC Juggernaut.Case™

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